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Intellecap-USAID Collaboration for Impact Facility presented at ANDE Sector Update

Intellecap has recently launched its Collaboration for Impact Facility together with USAID’s Partnering to Accelerate Entrepreneurship (PACE) to build a market infrastructure and facilitate impactful collaborations between corporates and small and growing businesses that aim to target low income consumers in East Africa.

Building on the partners' experience of over a decade of working with corporates and enterprises globally, the facility aims to enable corporate and SGB partnerships in East Africa with the objective to co-create innovations, jointly develop go-to-market and distribution strategies, or transfer and integrate technologies with the objective to accelerate business growth, while increasing social impacts.

The initiative also facilitates partnerships of corporates and SGBs between India and East Africa. Stefanie Bauer is leading the facility and has presented how corporates and small and growing businesses can benefit as well as first insights that are emerging on corporate-SGB partnerships.

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